See Why Fall River Job Site Trailer Rentals Just Make Sense

make-senseIf you work in the construction industry, chances are you have seen, used or rented a portable construction office at one time or another. Particularly for big jobs, but more and more often for mid-sized or smaller jobs, office trailers for rent are being used by construction companies, contractors, utility companies and other related businesses to provide a safe, secure and effective place to conduct business while on the job site.

When it comes to setting up for business on the job site, there are many reasons to use a construction office trailer. In this article, we will discuss all the ways that construction companies, contractors, sub-contractors, clients, crews, vendors and other individuals and businesses can benefit from using Fall River job site trailer rentals. By the time we reach the end you’ll agree that having a portable construction office on site makes a lot of sense for construction-based businesses.

What Is a Construction Office Trailer?
A portable construction office is an affordable, instant way to provide safe and secure office space or even storage at the job site. Valtran offers three different sizes and types of office trailers for rent that you can choose from, depending on your unique needs.

  • The “Single” – The basic model is a 20 foot steel construction office trailer that can be easily used on just about any size or type of job site. Valtran delivers your “single” office space according to your schedule and specifications, and will pick it up and move it or remove it when you are ready.
  • The “Double” – The larger version of our basic steel construction office trailer is 40 feet in length and is suggested for larger construction projects and job sites. Valtran will deliver your “double” office space according to your schedule and specifications. We can also move it to your next job site or remove it completely when you project has been completed.
  • The “Combo” – This construction office trailer is a combination office space and storage space option that is great for construction industry use. With room for a workspace, meeting area and computer for on-site accounting, there is also ample space to store expensive materials, tools and equipment that you don’t want to have to haul back and forth to the job site each day.

Other Options Available to Construction Clients
In addition to our full line of office trailers for rent, Valtran also has a couple of other options available to our construction clients. We also rent, lease and sell portable container storage, which is available in 10, 20 and 40 foot models. Choose from traditional trailer size and length storage, cube-shaped storage or dock height storage for easy loading and unloading at your warehouse or facility. We deliver and set-up your storage containers, just like we do with our Fall River job site trailer rentals, and we come pick them back up again or move them to the next job site, according to your specifications.

We also offer rental of temporary fencing. The Valtran team will come out to your job site location and set up the temporary fencing of your choosing according to your specifications. This saves you time and money on having to purchasing construction site fencing and get your guys to install it around the perimeter of the job site. We take care of it all for you and we’ll come pick it up when you are finished. Choose from in-ground installation or no-dig Temp Fence options, depending on your project needs.

The Advantages of Using a Construction Office Trailer
There are many different reasons why various businesses rely on a portable construction office as a part of their business plan. When it comes to the construction industry, however, it just makes sense. When you get office trailers for rent and have them delivered and set up on the job site, you give yourself access to a whole lot of other opportunities that will make your business more effective, efficient and productive as a whole.

You can use your construction office trailer to:

  • conduct on-site meetings with your construction crew, contractors, sub-contractors, architects, planning experts, local authorities, inspectors, utility companies and your clients
  • have on-site capabilities for accounting, including payroll for your team, accounts payable for vendors and accounts receivable for payments that come from the client, allowing you to expedite the financial business of your company without having to run all over town for checks
  • provide a safe break room area for your crew to get them out of the elements – beneficial year-round, preventing heat stroke, frost bite and other weather-related conditions that could affect your team
  • store all of your important contracts, licensing information and other paperwork that you might be required to produce to inspectors or law enforcement agencies
  • keep all of your important documents, plans and blueprints on-site for quick and easy reference throughout the duration of your project
  • take advantage of the extra storage space within the portable construction office to protect expensive materials, such as copper wire or parts, costly tools, dangerous tools, appliances, high-tech materials or tools and other equipment

Where to Find Fall River Job Site Trailer Rentals
Valtran has been providing quality services to construction industry professionals for over a decade. We have offices throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and serve customers located all over the New England region. We provide delivery, set-up and removal services to Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Give Valtran a call today for a FREE quote or to find out more reasons why using our portable construction office, container storage and temporary fencing solutions just make sense for your business.