Self Storage for Construction in Wareham Prevents Tool Theft

tool-theft-warehamWorking in the construction industry means using a lot of tools, machines and equipment in order to get the job done right. Unfortunately, most thieves are aware of all the tools and equipment that are used on the job, which is why construction sites are frequently targeted and tools get stolen. One of the best ways to prevent tool theft is through the use of strong, durable construction containers. In addition to temporary fencing to set the perimeter and 24-hour guard service to watch the site, getting a container for rent to store all of your important things is the best way to prevent loss.

Common Items Safeguarded in Construction Containers

Large metal storage containers can be used to protect valuable tools, machines and equipment, as well as materials and other items that you need to keep on-site throughout the duration of the project. Here are some examples of the items that are commonly kept in large metal storage containers on construction sites:

  • small tools
  • tool chests
  • large tools
  • expensive tools
  • machinery
  • specialized tools
  • rental equipment
  • small-to-mid sized equipment
  • materials, including lumber and hardware
  • appliances to be installed in residential or commercial projects
  • aesthetic elements, including carpet, tile, siding or brick

The Real Cost of Theft

If your tools, equipment and/or materials get stolen, the real cost of theft will come out of the profits you stand to make from the project you are working on at the time. While insurance can cover loss of some items due to theft, damage or vandalism, it is in your best interest to protect these things in any way you can to prevent loss from happening in the first place. Construction containers have been used for many years to fill this purpose.

If items get stolen or essential parts become unavailable in the middle of the project that you are working on, you could lose more than just the cost of replacing those items. For example, you could lose the client if they feel you weren’t keeping the job site secure, you could lose future referrals due to frustration on the client’s part from the theft or you might not be able to replace the tools and/or materials in time to finish the project on schedule. All of these things have the potential to ruin your business – and your reputation.

Where to Find a Container for Rent in Wareham

If you work or own a business in or near the city of Wareham, there is an excellent option available to your with regard to construction containers. Valtran has been serving clients in the northeastern region for over ten years, providing delivery, set-up and removal of large metal storage containers to residential, commercial and construction customers in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. No matter where you are in the northeast, Valtran can provide you with the container for rent, lease or sale that you need.

When you understand the importance of protecting your tools, equipment and materials on the job site through the use of secure construction containers, you really begin to know why so many companies use self storage for construction in Wareham. Some will even use large metal storage containers not just on the job site, but as a means of transporting equipment, tools and machines from site to site throughout the region. This is why some companies will look at investing in the purchase of portable storage instead of just getting a temporary container for rent.

Protection from the Weather

Another type of protection that many people don’t consider when thinking about construction containers is protection from the elements. In addition to keeping your items safe from thieves and vandals, a container for rent can help to keep out the wind, snow and rain. This is an important aspect of using construction containers, as the northeastern climate consists of a pretty wide range of weather from spring through winter each year. These large metal storage containers are great for keeping out the elements that can damage sensitive equipment or ruin you raw materials.

Construction containers are virtually theft-proof, water-tight, extremely portable and come available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Regardless of your specific needs, Valtran has a container for rent, lease or purchase that will fill them. Using portable, on site self storage for construction in Wareham is a very cost-effective, convenient means of providing temporary or long-term storage. Our team of delivery experts will bring the construction containers to your job site, set it up according to your specifications and will pick them up when you are done. It really is that easy to get a quality container for rent anytime, anywhere you need it.

Where to Get Self Storage for Construction in Wareham

For all of your construction storage needs, contact Valtran. With offices throughout the northeastern region, Valtran can help provide you with the size construction containers you need to get the job done. Just call our customer service staff to get a free quote or to set up a delivery to your construction site. We can help you get a container for rent on short-term, lease on long-term or purchase as a permanent solution.