Shipping Containers as Business Storage Containers in Providence

shipping-containers-businessDid you know that shipping containers make excellent storage opportunities for business owners in New England? They are strong, durable, made from heavy-duty steel and provide wind, weather and water resistance to keep your products, merchandise, equipment and other items protected year-round. Mobile mini storage for business right here in Rhode Island and elsewhere in the northeastern states is a very popular tool for commercial and service oriented businesses, providing the additional storage they need on-site where it can be easily accessed without having to invest in leasing a larger store space.

There are many advantages to using a commercial storage container if you own or run a business in the local area. Business storage containers in Providence are used to help companies keep track of customer or patient accounts, hold extra merchandise during peak sales seasons, store seasonal items and to provide additional storage space for random items that are needed, but are not required, for every day use. If you are interested in learning more about getting a storage container for rent in Providence, keep reading. This article will focus on the ins and outs of using a commercial storage container to your benefit.

One of the best benefits associated with using a mobile mini storage for business is that you will have total control over the storage container – who has access to it, where it is stored, what gets put inside and the length of time that you use it. While some people prefer to rent a shipping container storage unit, others prefer to invest in purchasing one for long-term use. You put your own lock on the commercial storage container and it stays on-site as long as you need it, set up according to your specifications. The heavy-duty steel construction keeps your stored items safe from vandalism, theft and weather-related damage.

Want to Purchase a Commercial Storage Container?
In addition to providing a lot of options to area businesses who want a storage container for rent in Providence, Rhode Island, Valtran also sells new and used mobile mini storage for business. Choose from 10, 20 and 40 foot ground level containers, cube containers and a selection of sizes in dock height containers as well, depending on your needs. Call Valtran today for a FREE estimate or to find out more about commercial storage container sales. Delivery is available throughout the northeastern area.

When you work with a professional company like Valtran to provide you with business storage containers in Providence, you get a flexible arrangement that you won’t find with many other service providers. Not only will our crew deliver your shipping containers to your location and set them up according to your specifications, but we also allow you to set the terms of your rental. There are no minimum rental requirements – use the commercial storage container for a matter of days, weeks or months. Just call for delivery and then call when you are ready to have the container removed. Ask us about our rent, lease and purchase options for business owners in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York.

Local Self-Storage Facilities are No Bargain!
Did you know that you are required to rent a storage unit for a month, six-month or annual period of time – even for commercial or business use? While there are many local self-storage facilities in the Providence, Rhode Island area, most require you to sign a rental agreement contract or lease for a longer length of time than you might need. You will also need to rent a truck to bring your items to the storage facility and have a truck to bring them back to your store when you need them. That’s a lot of wasted time and gas money trucking your things back and forth across town. Just one of the many reasons why using a self-storage facility is no bargain compared to using mobile mini storage for business.

Advantage #3 – EASY TO LOAD AND USE
Another benefit to using shipping containers for business storage is that they are easy to load and use. Choose between ground level and dock height commercial storage container units depending on your unique location and needs. Because shipping containers were designed to be placed on ships to go across oceans, they are designed for quick and easy loading and unloading of goods, allowing you to load palets of merchandise or store file cabinets filled with essential paperwork and client files. Whatever your needs, whatever you need to store, a storage container for rent in Providence could be just the thing you need to keep your business better organized, outfitted, supplied and on top of it all.

Where to Get Business Storage Containers in Providence
If you are interested in learning more about using a commercial storage container to expand the amount of storage space available at your company’s location, give Valtran a call. Our team of experienced customer service agents can help you choose the size, style and type of storage container for rent in Providence that you will need and will schedule a delivery of the shipping containers according to your schedule. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate or to find out more about our rental, lease and sales options for business owners and managers in the New England area.