Storage Containers for Rent: Providence Residential Storage

storage-containers-providenceThere are many reasons why homeowners might need more storage space. There are also a couple of options when it comes to renting or leasing residential storage. Depending on the reason why you need the space, the length of time that you will need to use it and where you want your storage kept will determine the option that you choose.

  • Are you getting your home remodeled or are you making an addition?
  • Do you need extra room for a guest or family member to stay at your home?
  • Will you be setting up a home office and need to store a room full of furniture?
  • Do you need to make space during the holidays or a special family event?
  • Are you launching a home business and need room for merchandise or supplies?

Why Rent a Mobile Mini Storage Unit?

One of the most popular solutions for on-site furniture storage used by homeowners today is to rent a mobile mini storage. These storage containers for rent have been used by contractors, construction companies, commercial businesses, medical clinics and a lot of different industries for many years as a safe, effective and affordable way to create extra space to store and protect merchandise, tools, supplies and equipment. Now you can use these portable containers in Providence for residential storage.

Off-site storage facilities are often inconvenient, especially for temporary use during a remodeling project or when you need extra space for just a few weeks or months. First you have to load up a rented moving truck with the items you want to store, then you have to drive that truck to the storage rental facility. Next you have to unload all of your items and put them in the storage.

If you need anything from your storage unit you will have to drive out to the storage rental facility and possibly rent another truck to get it back home. When you are done with the storage and don’t need it any longer, you’ll have to rent a moving truck again to haul your things from the storage rental facility back home. In addition, you’ll have to pay for fuel in the rental truck 2-3 times, depending on how many trips you ultimately make and you’ll have to pay for truck insurance.

The Portable Mobile Mini Storage Difference

When it comes to using storage containers for rent, it is a completely different experience. When you contact a company like Valtran to rent a mobile mini storage, they will deliver it to you wherever you want, according to your specifications. All you need is a flat bit of ground to have it set-up on, such as concrete, asphalt, dirt or even grass. Depending on the size you choose, the on-site furniture storage container can fit into a single parking space.

Take your time, load up your furniture and belongings at your own pace. You put your own lock on your Providence residential storage so you know that no one else has access. If you need to get anything out or find something while your things are in the storage containers for rent, just unlock the unit and you can take things out as you need them or add more things that you want to protect.

When you are finished with the rent a mobile mini storage and you want it taken off-site, just call Valtran and they will pick it up for you. If you want it moved to another location with your things still inside, we can do that too. No contracts or leases are required, so you can get our storage containers for rent and use them for several days, a couple of weeks, a whole month or more – however long you need to store your things. Just call for delivery and call for pick-up – it really is that easy.

Where to Get Providence Residential Storage

If you want to rent a mobile mini storage for your home project, special occasion or for any other reason, just give Valtran a call. We can help you decide what size of storage containers for rent will be best for your situation and can get you set up with a delivery date. Call us for a free quote or for more information about on-site furniture storage and all of the options that we have available. Valtran doesn’t just offer service in Providence, but in all of Rhode Island, as well as Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York.