The Advantages of Using an Office Space Trailer in Boston

office-trailer-advantageThanks to mobile technology and the Internet, there are many different ways for businesses to do business. Gone are the days of being shackled to a cubicle or leased office space, many businesses now choose to get out there in the world and do business where business is being done. For business owners in the Greater Boston area, mobile office trailers are becoming more popular. While some people may still see office trailers and think about the portable offices used on construction sites, others see the potential and realize that there are many different industries that now count on an office space trailer in Boston to expand and better manage their business.

The Temporary Office Trailer Rental
One way that businesses are using office trailers is renting them for use on various projects or events. For example, real estate agencies have used mobile office trailers for years as a way to sell new construction on-site, as a means of being more available to prospective buyers who want a tour of the available property. Special events, seasonal promotions and other limited-time business engagements can all benefit from using an office trailer rental to better run and manage their business interests. Valtran offers a wide variety of rentals, allowing customers to rent office trailers for a period of several days, weeks, a month or longer, without worrying about contracts or minimum rental periods.

Semi-Permanent Office Trailers
Some businesses require the use of mobile office trailers for a longer period of time, either staying put in one place and then calling Valtran to have the office trailers removed; or by using the office trailer rental in multiple locations, calling Valtran to move the trailer to the next location to optimize business efficiency. That’s one of the great things about renting or leasing versus purchasing office trailers. Valtran will deliver, set-up, move and remove the office trailer rental when you no longer need it or need it in a different location. While purchasing can be a good investment if you think you will need office trailers for a long period of time, you will have to have a way to transport the mobile office trailers from location to location, as well as space to store it when not in use.

Permanent Office Space Trailer in Boston
The word “permanent” can be deceiving as the whole purpose of using mobile office trailers is that they are portable and easily moved from location to location. If you think you might be able to use office trailers as a permanent part of your business plan, consider purchasing one for permanent use. You must have a truck that can pull/haul mobile office trailers from job site to job site, a team of employees that can hook it up, transport it and set it up again as needed, and a place to store your office trailers when they are not being used on the job site. If you have a large warehouse or storage yard at your main facility, this shouldn’t be a problem. Some companies will continue to use office trailers to run their day-to-day business operations on-site at their primary business location because they provide privacy, peace and the opportunity to work without distraction.

Why Mobile Office Trailers Are Great for Business
There are four primary reasons why mobile office trailers are great for businesses in different types of industry. While there are many more, depending on your own unique needs and requirements, we are just going to focus on these four main reasons.

  • Time – If you are able to use an office space trailer in Boston to be on-site near a project that your business is currently working on, you save yourself time that would be required to commute from the main office to the job site. You can also use office trailers to meet with clients, vendors, architects, contractors or anyone else that is essential to your work. Meeting on-site allows you to have immediate access to the project so you can get to work right away without having to move all over town.
  • Flexibility – Mobile office trailers give you the opportunity to be flexible, letting you set up shop in Boston one day or move your office trailer rental the next and be working on the job site in New Bedford. Office trailers allow you to be where you need to be to do a better job of managing or overseeing your business. Rentals and leased mobile office trailers will be moved quickly and expertly by the team at Valtran, while purchased office trailers can be moved by your team as needed.
  • Affordable – Renting mobile office trailers is much more cost-effective than leasing office space in a mini-mall or other temporary location. Not only will it cost you less each month to rent or lease, but it will also reduce your associated costs in moving, setting up utilities, deposits, insurance and then costs to move your location again as needed for your business. Being able to just pick up and move your office via trailer makes more sense than having to set up shop in a traditional office space over and over again.
  • Productivity – Not having to pack up, move and relocate your office equipment, files, computers and other things every time you need to change locations allows you and your staff the ability to have increased productivity. Time is money and all that time spent packing, moving and changing locations via traditional office space costs you a lot more than you realize. Using an office space trailer in Boston and the surrounding area helps you to be more productive, while saving you time and money.

Where to Rent Mobile Office Trailers in Boston
If you are interested in finding out more about options to rent, lease or purchase office trailers in the Greater Boston area, call Valtran. With offices all over Massachusetts and a service area that encompasses Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York, Valtran can help you get the mobile office trailers you need, providing you with flexibility, increased productivity and the ability to run your business more effectively and efficiently. Call Valtran today for a quote or to schedule delivery of your office trailer rental.