The Inside Scoop on Mobile Containers in New Bedford

questions-new-bedfordHave you ever wondered about using mobile containers in New Bedford to store your personal, business, commercial or construction items? There are many advantages to choosing a mobile storage solution over a traditional off-site storage facility that you might not have considered. Today we will be talking about mobile containers in New Bedford, how they can be used, who uses them and how the whole process of portable storage works.

How Are Mobile Containers Used?
The first question that should be addressed is how mobile containers in New Bedford are used. They can be used to temporarily store items that will be needed throughout a project, such as building a residential or commercial property. They can also be used to store property to protect it while work is being done on a structure, from dirt, dust, scuffing and other types of damage. They can also be used to store construction, crafting, building or other types of structural materials throughout the term of a project.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a company like Valtran is that you have the ability to rent mobile mini storage or large storage containers for the amount of time you need them – no more, no less. There are no long-term contracts required, so you have the ability to rent for a couple of weeks, a month or two, a couple of months or longer, according to your needs. From furniture to building materials, important documents and file cabinets to specialty items for a specific purpose, there is virtually no end to the type, size and amount of things that you can store in portable storage containers.

Who Uses Mobile Containers in New Bedford?
Valtran works with many different types of clients who use mobile containers in New Bedford for many different reasons. Here are just a few examples of who uses mobile containers in New Bedford and why they might choose to use a mobile storage solution instead of an off-site storage facility.

  • Residential customers have used portable storage containers to keep personal belongings, furniture and other valuables during a home renovation, remodel or addition to protect their things from dust, dirt and sawdust during the construction phase of the project. The advantage to using a mobile storage solution that is located on-site is the ability to access the mobile containers at any time throughout the construction process to get something that is needed or to switch out furniture as rooms are completed during the work.
  • Business customers will often use mobile storage solutions to keep important papers, files and other documents that cannot be stored within the office for a number of different reasons. Mobile mini storage solutions can be used in this instance to keep and protect things that pertain to a business, keeping them safe from weather damage and unauthorized access while them items are being stored. The advantage to storing business items on-site in a portable storage container is that they can be safeguarded by on-site security and checked in on daily by authorized staff members as-needed.
  • Commercial customers have used our mobile storage solutions to secure and protect overflow stock items during product launches, big sales and seasonal promotions. It is important for commercial businesses to have enough stock on-site to fulfill the needs of their customers, but in many cases, they don’t have room in the back of the store to hold the amount of stock that is required. Mobile mini storage or even large mobile storage containers can help in this type of situation.
  • Construction customers will typically use our portable storage containers to hold materials, fixtures, appliances and other products that they will be using during a project. Storing these materials on-site means easy access for the construction crew as they need them throughout the build. On-site mobile storage is also advantageous in that the materials can be protected and secured on-site rather than relying on a storage facility’s security staff to guard expensive or valuable items.

How Does Mobile Container Storage Work?
All you need to do is contact Valtran – either online or by phone – to request a rental of mobile containers in New Bedford. You don’t need to go anywhere or do anything else, just sit back and wait for us to deliver your mobile storage solutions to you wherever and whenever you need them. Just load up your items into the mobile mini storage and lock it up. We keep your mobile storage solutions on-site so you can have easy access to your belongings any time you want without having to drive across town.

Our team delivers the portable storage containers to your property, sets them up and gives you a walk-through of the mobile mini storage so you’ll know what to expect and how everything works. When you are done using the container, just contact Valtran again – either online or by phone – and our team will come back to your property and haul the portable storage containers away. It’s that easy!

If you are using mobile containers in New Bedford to move your belongings to a new location, just contact Valtran and let us know that you are ready for us to move your mobile storage solutions to your new destination. Once you unpack your belongings and are ready for us to come back and pick it up again, contact us – either online or by phone – and we will pick it up right away.

Call Valtran for Mobile Containers in New Bedford – and Beyond!
No matter what your needs, where you need portable storage containers or for how long you’ll need them, Valtran is your best choice for mobile storage solutions in Massachusetts or anywhere else in New England. We have offices and locations throughout the northeastern states, which is just part of why Valtran is the #1 choice for mobile mini storage containers in Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey.