Tips to Make Providence Construction Trailers More Secure

secure-job-site-trailersOne of the most important things about setting up a construction job site is to consider security. The site itself needs to be secured with temporary construction fencing, according to local regulations or state law, to provide safety for the general public as well as for the project at hand. Beyond that, many companies will seek additional security measures, including the use of storage containers to keep materials, tools and equipment safe, as well as a job site office trailer, which can be used to keep computer, files, paperwork and other essential documents and/or certificates for the job. Owners, managers, foremen, crew members, vendors, sub-contractors, architects and city planning folks will all use Providence construction trailers at some point during the span of the project to conduct business, deliver goods, check on purchase orders or review plans.

Keeping such an important piece of equipment that houses so many essential items safe and secure should also be a priority. In addition to making sure that the job site trailers for sale that you purchase or the job site trailers for rent that you have delivered are made of strong, durable, heavy-duty steel construction and that you have the entire job site surrounded by sturdy construction fence, there are other things you can do to make your job site office trailer even more secure. This article will focus on the most important things you should be doing to keep your Providence construction trailers safe from unauthorized access to avoid theft, vandalism or other types of damage.

Tip #1 – Security Screen and/or Bars
While there are many add-ons that construction crews will use to make their job site office trailer more useful, none are quite as important as measures to keep unwanted persons out of the portable office space. Because computers, employee files, payroll data, contracts, certificates and insurance papers are often kept inside of job site trailers for rent, it is important to make sure that you protect it with more than just a flimsy combination lock.

  • Security screen can be used on the windows to make it more difficult for thieves or vandals to gain access to your job site office trailer through the windows. What’s great about using security screen is that while it makes it hard for thieves to get inside, the amount of light and fresh air that still is able to make its way into the portable office, makes it a functional and useful tool for daily use as well.
  • Security bars are yet another security measure that can be used on windows. When you purchase job site trailers for sale, consider having them fitted with security bars. Not only do they prevent access, but they are very visible and often serve as an obvious deterrent, especially to young vandals. They will also provide a very strong defense against theft and vandalism at the job site.

Tip #2 – Professional Locks
A lot of construction companies make the mistake of getting a simple combination or key lock to use with their job site office trailer. Simple locks can be easily cut off, removed or picked, providing easy access to your important documents and equipment to vandals and thieves. One of the best things you can do to beef up security on your Providence construction trailers is to add a deadbolt door lock.

This shows that you are serious about protecting your belongings. While this is an easy add for job site trailers for sale that you have purchased, check with the customer service department when you get job site trailers for rent to find out if deadbolts are an approved add-on or if they have another heavy-duty security lock system that they recommend for use on construction sites.

Tip #3 – Video Monitoring
Another great deterrent and means of protecting your investment in the job site is to use closed circuit video monitoring. You can use this in two unique ways to keep tabs on what is going on at the job site after hours or when you need to be away from the area. Technology has advanced so much in recent years making it more possible and affordable for construction companies to take advantage of the benefits associated with video monitoring for added job site security.

  • Interior Monitoring – Keep an eye on what’s going on inside your job site office trailer with closed circuit video monitoring on the interior of your portable space. You can monitor this yourself through a live and recorded feed or you can hire a security team to monitor the video feed for you.
  • Exterior Monitoring – Make sure you know who is on the job site after hours and what they are up to with exterior video monitoring. Again, you can choose to monitor this yourself through a live and recorded feed or you can hire a security team to monitor the video feed for you. There are many security companies available now that offer video monitoring as part of their extended services.

Where to Get Job Site Trailers for Sale & Rent in Providence, RI
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