Top 9 Reasons to Rent Portable Office Trailers in Boston, MA

boston-office-trailersMany different types of businesses will at some point require the use of an office trailer rental. Real estate agents, property management companies and leasing agents are just some of the people who use portable office trailers on a regular basis. Construction companies rely on mobile office trailers for rent so they can conduct business with vendors, clients and crew members on the job site. Healthcare workers often use Boston office trailers to get out into the public and reach patients that cannot come into a facility for exams or treatment.

There are many different uses for an office trailer rental and the use of this versatile tool can be seen across many different industries. Choose from an 8×24 foot single office trailer, 8×32 foot double office trailer or an 8×32 foot combination office and storage trailer, depending on your unique requirements. Not sure? Speak with one of our helpful customer service agents and they can help you choose based on your specific needs.

Still Need a Reason to Rent?

For the remainder of this article, we will talk about the top nine reasons why business owners and managers rent portable office trailers to enhance or facilitate their day-to-day operations. Of course, your mileage may vary, but to some degree, just about every business model could profit from using Boston office trailers in some way, shape or form.

#1 – Easy to Use
The number one reason why so many companies will get an office trailer rental from Valtran is that it is so easy to use. Just call our team of customer service agents and we will deliver one of our portable office trailers to your location and set it up according to your specifications. When you want it moved, just give us a call and we will move it or remove it when you are finished using it. Sure, you could purchase a trailer to use for this purpose, but our mobile office trailers for rent take all the work off you and your crew, giving you more time to do the work you were hired to do.

#2 – No Contracts Required
Valtran does not require any long-term contracts to rent our portable office trailers. Whether you need to use our Boston office trailers for a couple of days, weeks, months or longer, we treat every single customer the same. Just call us when you want it delivered and tell us where you want it set up. When you are done, call us again to remove it for you – it really is that easy.

#3 – Wide Delivery Range
Valtran provides quality portable office trailers to commercial, corporate, industrial, healthcare and educational facilities throughout the northeastern states, including Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York. We have offices scattered throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and our headquarters is in New Bedford, MA, helping us to provide rapid, professional delivery and installment of our mobile office trailers for rent anywhere in the northeast.

#4 – Fuel Cost Savings
Setting up an office trailer rental at your job site will save you with fuel costs associated with going back and forth from a headquarters location to the project or job you are working on, helping you to increase your profits. Adding a storage container rental or getting a combination office trailer rental and storage unit can help you to safeguard and protect materials, parts and other valuable items onsite, saving you from more trips back and forth to a warehouse or off-site storage.

#5 – Lease Cost Savings
If you were to lease or rent a temporary office space in a building, you would also have a lot of additional overhead required by the property management company, including utility costs, monthly management fees and other bills that are just not applicable to portable office trailers. If and when your business interests move, you won’t be tied into a property location, but can have our team relocate your office trailer rental for you wherever you need to be.

#6 – Flexibility
You can have one of our mobile office trailers for rent set up just about anywhere that you require. All you need is to have a flat, level surface for our Boston office trailers to be set up and you can be ready for business in no time! Asphalt, concrete or even a flat, compacted space of dirt on a construction site will do. We can even move your office trailer rental from one location to another onsite or to another site, as needed.

#7 – Productivity
Having one of our mobile office trailers for rent onsite will help you to increase your productivity, preventing you and your staff from having to travel back to a stationary office whenever documents need to be prepared, signed, changed or printed. You can set up cubicles, meeting rooms, computer workstations – whatever you need to get the job done, just as you would in a standard work environment.

#8 – Health & Safety
Having an office trailer rental onsite can help to improve the overall health and safety of a workplace environment. This is especially true for construction sites, property rentals and other industries where employees may need a place to come in out of the weather to warm up, cool down, rehydrate or rest. A medical first aid kit can be set up onsite for any job place injuries and employees can meet with managers or supervisors to discuss any issues that could prevent them from effectively doing their work.

#9 – Security
You can lock up your portable office trailers to ensure that everything inside is safe, secure and protected after hours or when you and your employees need to leave the area. All of our Boston office trailers are made with a sturdy, steel construction to provide wind-proof, weather-proof, secure protection from unauthorized access, the elements and other incidents that could affect your workspace.

Where to Get Boston Office Trailers
Just give Valtran a call at 1-800-813-2188 to find out more about all of our mobile office trailers for rent, to schedule a delivery or to get a FREE estimate for your next project. In addition to portable office trailers, we also provide a wide variety of dock height, ground level and cube storage containers, as well as top-quality temporary fencing. Contact us today and find out for yourself about all of the advantages associated with using an office trailer rental.