Using a Portable Office for Disaster Recovery in Wareham

disaster-recovery-warehamHurricane Sandy brought reality literally crashing into shore for many business owners in the northeast. When disaster strikes, it is important to pick up the pieces and get back to work as soon as possible, especially if you work in an industry with customers who depend on you for basic necessities and services in an affected local area. If the office, building or workspace that you use to run your business has been damaged by a fire, a storm, a tornado, a hurricane or any other type of disastrous event, an office trailer rental just might be the answer.

What is a Mobile Office?
When you need office space quick, you can rely on rentals of temporary offices in Wareham to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible. A mobile office is a steel construction trailer that can be ordered by phone or online and delivered to your site for fast set-up. A portable office is set up to help you get to work right away. Whether you are local in-town or are in need of an office trailer rental anywhere in Massachusetts or the surrounding northeastern states, Valtran can help you get set up right away so you can get back to work.

A semi-permanent or temporary mobile office, these office trailer rentals can be used throughout the duration of a disaster recovery project, during the repair or reconstruction of your primary workplace or can be set-up anywhere that your services can be best used by your customers. These portable offices can even be rented for special events and other non-emergency uses, such as construction sites, property management services, educational needs, industrial work and commercial situations.

What Can I Expect from Temporary Offices in Wareham?
When you rent a portable office from Valtran, you can expect to get a standard mobile office trailer that you can rent or lease for any length of time. We also have a line of mobile office trailers that can be purchased for long-term use or for regular use on job sites and other projects. There are several office trailer rental sizes available to choose from and a variety of functional add-ons can be included with each portable office, according to your specific needs and requirements.

The sizes available through Valtran include a single office trailer rental that is 8 feet wide and 24 feet in length. We also have a double-sized office trailer rental that is 8 feet wide and 32 feet in length if you need more space. If you have inventory, products, parts or other items that you need to store on-site, you can also get one of our mobile office and storage combination trailers. Whatever you need in the way of temporary offices in Wareham and the surrounding area, we can help.

Make sure to measure the area where the portable office will be located to ensure that it will fit properly in the space available. Check to see if there are any local laws or regulations that might prohibit the use of an office trailer rental in your community. You will need to have a smooth, flat surface available, such as a concrete, asphalt, pavement or compacted dirt area for the portable office to be delivered and set-up for best results. Make sure to speak with Valtran’s customer service staff for details on these requirements.

How Much Space Do I Need?
The best way to determine what size office trailer rental you will need is to stop and consider how the mobile office will be used, how many people will be using it and how much equipment you will need in order to set up your temporary offices in Wareham, MA. Estimating how many people will need to be there during a disaster recovery situation can be difficult. How many of your office staff members will be on-site? How many will be out in the field? How many additional employees will you need to hire in order to handle all of the business that will come your way throughout the recovery and rebuilding phase? All of these things must be considered.

How many work stations will you need? How many computers will need to be set up and how many printers will be needed? Will you need desks, tables for planning and chairs for seating? Will you need to set up a waiting area for customers or clients as they arrive at your portable office? Make a list of the minimum amount of work stations, desks, tables, chairs and other equipment that you will need and base your initial estimate for a mobile office on those estimates. You can always add or expand to a double-size office trailer rental if you need it or add a second portable office if necessary.

Once you make your basic estimations for space in an office trailer rental, start thinking about how many people and work stations will fit in the single-size trailer. For example, the standard 8 foot by 24 foot mobile office can easily hold 2-3 employees with complete work stations. A larger 8 foot by 32 foot double-size trailer will be able to hold 2-3 employees with separate office areas or 3-4 employees with complete work stations. If you need storage space, either consider the combination mobile office and storage office trailer rental or think about renting temporary storage space as well.

Why Choose Valtran for Office Trailer Rental?
Valtran is a respected name in mobile office and temporary storage container rentals throughout the northeastern states and has been providing office trailer rentals and temporary offices in Wareham and the surrounding area for over a decade. All of our years of experience and knowledge in the area of portable office rentals can help us to understand your unique needs and get you set up with the quality mobile office equipment that you need in order to get your business back up and running after a disaster or storm. Call Valtran today for a free quote on temporary offices in Wareham or anywhere in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey and New York.