Valtran is the Best Residential Container Storage in Boston

residential-storage-bostonIf you are looking for a unique way to store all of your belongings in a secure and convenient way, then you have probably already considered residential container storage and mobile mini storage units. On site storage using mini storage containers is all the rage, but you don’t want to be “boxed in” to contracts, limited unit sizes and restrictions either. If you are looking for the best in Boston portable storage containers look no further. Valtran, which has locally owned and operated in the Greater Boston area for over ten years, is the best option for residential container storage – and we will tell you why.

Why Valtran is the Best in Mini Storage Containers
When we say “mini,” we definitely don’t mean small. We say mini because in residential container storage you don’t need as much space as what you’ll find in larger construction, commercial or industry container storage options. We currently offer our customers residential container storage units in the following sizes: 10, 20 and 40 foot long in the standards, ground-level storage container types. We also offer cube storage in either 20 and 40 foot sizes. This gives our residential customers a lot of choices with regard to the size of mini storage containers they will be able to choose from to store, protect or transport their belongings.

Another way that Valtran is better than the competition is that we don’t tie you into a long-term contract. Off-site storage facilities will often require a six-month or year-long contract, even if you will only need to use the storage space for a couple of weeks or a month or two. We deliver your mini storage containers to your home, transport them wherever you need them or set them up to stay-put throughout the duration of the rental. Then, when you are finished using our residential container storage for your purposes, we will come pick it up and that’s the end of that. It’s quite easy to have storage when you need it and get it picked up when you don’t.

The Many Uses of Valtran’s Mobile Mini Storage Containers
Valtran provides a lot of options with regard to how your mobile mini storage unit can be used. Here are some examples of how Valtran’s residential container storage can be used by our residential customers:

Moving from One Location to Another
Residential clients can pack up their belongings in our mini storage containers and cubes and have our team of experienced delivery drivers pick up the unit and move it to another location. This is a great solution for moving across town or anywhere in the northeastern region, as you only have to pack your items up once and then unpack them when you are ready to move in to your new location. If you were to do the same with an off-site storage facility, you would have to move your items into a moving truck, unload them at the storage facility and then pack them up for moving again once you are ready to move to your new location and unload them once again. Not only is this a lot of packing, unpacking and gas wasted moving around town, but it also causes strain on valuable furniture – and of course your back!

Storing Items During Remodeling
Another popular use of our mini storage containers is to pack up and store items from a residential home during remodeling or renovation work. Homeowners in Boston use portable storage containers to protect their furniture and important valuables when they are getting work done to keep it free from dust, dirt and debris. This is becoming a very popular use for our mobile mini storage units, as they are small enough to be parked into a standard parking space (in most cases) and are often allowed by the city as a temporary storage solution. The strong, durable steel construction of our mini storage containers makes it a safe solution for storing all of your important items when you are getting any type of residential construction work done.

Storing Items While Selling a Home
Real estate agents who work with homeowners to market and sell their homes will often suggest that they remove some of the furniture and personal touches from the residence to make the home appear larger, or to show prospective shoppers more options with regard to use of the available space. Mini storage containers are a great way to remove some of your bulky or excess furniture while you are showing your home. We can even move the residential container storage to your new home to help facilitate your move once your home is sold, making it easy to get everything from point A to point B. In Boston, portable storage containers are used for a number of reasons.

Advantages to Choosing Valtran’s Mini Storage Containers
In summary, there are many reasons to choose residential container storage over other types of storage options. Even comparing the mobile mini storage unit to Valtran’s mini storage containers, you will see a difference in the quality, convenience, cost-effectiveness and all-around ease-of-use between the available options. Valtran has more experience providing quality Boston portable storage containers to residential customers than other storage unit delivery services in the area.

Valtran’s worry-free residential container storage means that you will get:

  • the storage you need with no long term contract required
  • full service – we pick up, we transport and we delivery
  • affordable rates, based only on the time that you use our mini storage containers
  • quick delivery and removal when you need it on your schedule
  • strong, durable steel-construction storage to protect your belongings
  • several size and shape options in our mini storage containers
  • easy set-up according to your specifications in parking spots, driveways, backyards, side yards, curb side – anywhere you want your residential container storage delivered
  • the option to rent, lease or buy, according to your needs and budget

Where to Get Boston Portable Storage Containers
If you are in Boston or the Greater Boston area, contact Valtran for all of your residential container storage needs. Contact our office to find out about delivery, set-up and transport services available to customers within the northeastern states, including all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, New Jersey and New York. Valtran can help you with your mobile mini storage unit needs and get you the storage space you need at a price you can afford!