Wareham Event Organizers: How & Where to Use Barricade Fence

barricade-fenceSimilar to other cities across our nation, the City of Wareham has plenty of local events and celebrations planned throughout the year. This June, our city will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the attack on the town by the British warship, the HMS Nimrod and will host a troop encampment reenactment of the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812, two very pivotal wars that greatly affected this region. From parades and traditional period demonstrations to clambake parties and historical displays, the city will be buzzing with many unique events this year as we celebrate the birth of our nation and the part that Massachusetts played in its foundation.

As a result of all these events, many organizers will require the use of commercial fence rental to control the crowds and ensure that all participants and attendees are safe and protected during the festivities. Event fence rental is available through Valtran, the leading provider of commercial fence rental right here in Southeastern Massachusetts. From barricade fence to durable security fencing, Valtran makes it possible for event organizers to rent a fence in Wareham for just about any occasion.

What is Barricade Fence?
Compared to other types of commercial fence rental, barricade fence is built and installed for the purpose of blocking access. It can be used to prevent cars from coming down streets, to control crowds along parade routes, to provide direction to participants in a charity run or other organized event, as well as to keep unauthorized persons out of a restricted area. You have very likely seen barricade fence in use by local law enforcement officials, security officers and government events. Barricade fence is a type of temporary fence that can be easily added and removed, while providing a strong barrier of resistance against everything from pedestrians to personal vehicles and other things you might want to control.

Where is Barricade Fence Used?
While we have already cited some examples of where barricade fence can be used, it is important to have some more specific examples of the uses, applications and intended results of using an event fence rental for your next big event. When planning any kind of event, from a community-wide gathering to a wedding reception, a local carnival or a retail promotion, it is important to know what you are looking for when you rent a fence in Wareham. Below are some examples of where barricade fence is used:

  • streets and sidewalks – to provide pedestrian safety
  • streets and sidewalks – to direct pedestrian traffic
  • streets and sidewalks – to provide protection for parades, races and demonstrations
  • at the event site – to control crowds, particularly at large events
  • at the event site – to provide protection during construction or set-up of the event
  • at the event site – to hide the event setup and hang promotional signage
  • inside the event – to section off VIP areas or special sections for guests

How Long is Barricade Fence Used?
One of the great advantages to working with a company like Valtran is that they are extremely flexible. When it comes time to rent a fence in Wareham to use for your next event, make sure to get your commercial fence rental from Valtran. They will provide you with a FREE estimate based on the type of event fence rental that you require, the length of time that you will need the fence and any other specific requests that you make. Valtran will then deliver and set up the barricade fence according to your specifications on the day that you request. When your event is finished, just call or schedule pick-up and Valtran will haul it all away.

No long-term event fence rental contracts are required at Valtran, so whether you need to use barricade fence for a period of days, weeks, months or more, you can count on Valtran to deliver and pick up according to your schedule without question. Commercial fence rental provides event organizers with the first line of defense against vandals, thieves and access by unauthorized persons into the event staging area. At Valtran, it is our goal to ensure that every time you rent a fence in Wareham, you receive the type of fencing that you need and get it installed where and when you want it. We know how important barricade fence and other event fence rental installations can be to the success of your event.

How to Select the Best Type of Commercial Fence Rental
When it comes time to decide which type of barricade fence is right for your next event, make sure to think about how, where and when it will be used. If you still aren’t sure what you will need, consult with one of our customer service agents. With over 10 years of experience serving customers in the New England area, our team can help you choose the right type of event fence rental and get it delivered and installed according to your specifications. Take a look at some of the things you should consider when it comes time to rent a fence in Wareham:

  • How big will the event be?
  • How many people are expected to attend?
  • What type of an event will you be running?
  • Where will the event be located?
  • What is your budget for event fence rental?
  • Who will attend or perform at the event?

Where to Rent a Fence in Wareham
The best place to get an event fence rental in the South Coast area is through Valtran. Choose from a wide variety of barricade fence and other types of commercial fence rental according to your needs and budget. Valtran will deliver and set up your temporary fencing solutions and can help you meet any specific requirements that you need in order to pull off a safe, secure and memorable event. Valtran also provides delivery beyond Southeastern Massachusetts, so if you are putting on an event anywhere else in the New England area, give us a call. Our range extends to Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New York and New Jersey.