What Type of Rental Fencing is Best for Construction Sites?

construction-rental-fenceWhen it comes to choosing the type of construction fence rental materials that are best for your job site, a lot will depend on the work that you are doing. It will also depend on where you are doing it and whether or not there are any local laws or regulations that require you to have construction fencing of a certain height or style. Work that is done in residential areas as opposed to commercial areas will require a different type of fencing, however the local government and code enforcement is a great place to start to find out about how and where to use temp fence in Fall River.

One of type of construction fencing that is really common is known as chain link panels. Fence panels in Fall River are used in commercial, industrial and residential construction areas, so choosing this type of construction fence rental is a pretty safe bet. It is a quick and easy option that can be used for construction work, special events and additional security for commercial businesses.

As the name conveys, chain link panels are fence panels that are made out of chain link. Because they come in the form of panels, they can be quickly installed in many different configurations, depending on your needs. They are installed using free-standing platforms and are a part of our Temp Fence materials, meaning that holes do not need to be drilled for installation. This is one of the major reasons why fence panels in Fall River are used at sites that already have pavement, asphalt or concrete poured. They are also a popular choice at event locations where physical changes to the environment are typically frowned upon.

Another reason why chain link fence panels in Fall River are popular at construction sites and other locations that require security is because they are know for their durability and strength. The construction fencing provided by Valtran is made of a rugged, heavy-duty frame with a strong vertical and horizontal cross to provide our clients with a top quality product. Our team of experienced delivery and installation crew members will set up your construction fence rental in the shape and size that you require to provide proper security for your job site.

The difference between chain link and chain link panel fencing is the way that the fence comes as a material and the way that it is installed. Chain link comes in a roll of strong wire mesh that is attached to posts that are driven into the ground. As far as construction fence rentals go, this material takes longer to install than the chain link panel fencing, but it provides additional security and protection above and beyond the Temp Fence style of no-dig installations.

Chain link construction fencing is a great solution for construction sites, whether they are in residential, commercial or industrial areas. Temp fence in Fall River should protect the job site against access by unauthorized persons to prevent vandalism, damage and theft. It is also installed to prevent injury by passersby who could trip over materials and equipment, get hurt by falling beams or boards, and possibly fall into a trench or other hole that has been dug. Construction fencing protects you against lawsuits by these people if they become injured on your job site after hours or when you are away from the location.

Construction fence rental materials such as chain link and chain link fence panels in Fall River are frequently used because they are affordable, readily available and can be customized by the client. Windscreen can be added to reduce visibility and dust issues from occurring and privacy screen can also be added for extra protection. There have been many studies that have revealed that crime rates on construction sites drop considerably when the visibility is reduced. Keeping your equipment, tools and materials out of the sight of thieves can help to lower your risk.

Another type of construction fencing that is quite popular in the New England region is barricade fencing. While mostly used at major events, such as festivals, parades, carnivals and other large scale gatherings, barricades are a type of temp fence in Fall River that can be used to block traffic from entering a construction site, providing property owners with an additional line of protection from would-be vandals and thieves.

Most barricade construction fence rentals are made from heavy-duty materials, which help them to be very effective against vehicles. They can also be used to protect workers from vehicles that could accidentally find their way into the work area. This is extremely helpful in busy city areas, where traffic can often become a dangerous problem, particularly in construction zones.

Some clients choose to rent both chain link and barricade fencing together to provide different types of protection at the job site. If you aren’t sure what type of construction fencing is best for your project or if you have questions about what type of temp fence in Fall River is best, speak with a Valtran customer service agent. We can help you decide which type of construction fence rental is best for your unique situation.

Where to Get Temp Fence in Fall River
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