Why Companies Rent Fencing for Construction in Fall River MA

rent-fencing-fall-riverWherever you look in Fall River, Massachusetts, growth is occurring. This beautiful city by the water that plays such a rich part in early American history is still booming, blossoming and growing today. Temporary chain link fence lines construction sites where historical buildings undergo renovation and redevelopment; while fencing for construction is also used for new projects that have been designed to create jobs and attract new industry to the area.

Why is Portable Fence Important?
Construction sites are required by local municipal laws, as well as by state and federal laws, to protect not just the job site from unauthorized access, but to protect the public by properly containing equipment, materials and the work being done. There are inherent dangers associated with construction job sites and Fall River chain link fence rentals help to reduce those risk and cut the chance of accidents taking place. Permanent fencing is costly to install and impractical for such a temporary use, which is why stress is made to use temporary chain link fence, which can be easily installed, moved and removed from the site as needed.

Temporary fencing for construction is much different than most contemporary fencing that you will see in use on commercial projects or for event security. Portable fence is generally set up to line the perimeter of the job site until the project is complete. Construction grade temporary chain link fence is typically more durable and strong than typical chain link fence. There are many construction companies located in Fall River and the surrounding area that count on portable fence rentals to get the job done, and the company they count on is Valtran.

Why Do Companies Rent Portable Fence?
The reason why many construction companies choose to rent fencing for construction job sites comes down to simple math. It is cheaper to hire a company to come out and install the temporary chain link fence around the job site than it is to pull workers away from the project they are working on at the site. It is also more cost-effective to rent temporary chain link fence than it is to purchase it outright, store it in a warehouse and move it all over town as needed for each project. Many construction companies just don’t have the room to store all of that fence.

Overall, it is very beneficial to these construction companies to just rent portable fence from a professional service company like Valtran, who specializes in delivery, set-up and removal of fencing for construction. Quality fence, great customer service, on-time delivery and set-up according to the foreman’s specifications makes working with Valtran for temporary chain link fence a “no-brainer” for most local construction companies. Fencing can be delivered right here in Fall River or anywhere in the SouthCoast region, as well as all throughout the New England area.

Fall River Residents Welcome the New Biopark
One such project that has recently opened in Fall River, bringing in new industry and tech jobs to the area, is the Fall River Biopark. In January 2014, the Massachusetts Accelerator for Bio-manufacturing, otherwise known as MAB, opened its doors. MAB is a $31 million facility that was designed to “anchor” the Fall River Biopark, which encompasses an amazingly huge 300-acre plot of land. The goal is to lease the rest of the space to startups that will rely on MAB to test their products, creating a one-of-a-kind facility that will allow these companies to work on a budget as they begin to grow and expand their business. 25,000 square feet of production space will be available to biotech firms who need to carry out high tech tasks on both a small and large scale.

Experts say that the Fall River Biopark will boost the future economy of not just the city, but of the entire SouthCoast area. Planners envision a day when people will come to Fall River from Boston for jobs via the South Coast Rail. Heavy investments in this project and in the region in general are part of an overall economic renovation for the State of Massachusetts. Companies will be given the opportunity in 2014 to come to the Biopark and set up shop, taking advantage of the high tech facility and close proximity to MAB. The temporary chain link fence from the construction at Fall River Biopark have been removed and the future of industrial development for this city is now.

What is Temporary Chain Link Fence?
There is a lot of confusion about the different types of portable fence that are available for construction, commercial and even residential use. When it comes to Fall River chain link fence rentals, the chain link fence is a type of fencing for construction that you have likely seen before. Easily identified by its woven diamond-shaped design that is created by linking metallic wires, hence the name “chain link fence,” this type of fence is very durable and effective at keeping unauthorized persons out of an area or job site.

Temporary chain link fence is used also on farms, industrial facilities and in residential backyards across the country. While not as visually appealing as other materials, chain link fence gets the job done. As far as being used as fencing for construction, this type of fence is easy to install, either in lengths or rolls of fencing or as chain link fence panels, making it very appealing to companies who are in a hurry to protect their job sites from unauthorized access. Chain link fencing is one of the toughest temporary fencing materials available, making it also the most requested.

Where to Get Fall River Chain Link Fence Rentals
The best place to get temporary chain link fence in the Fall River area is through Valtran. With offices scattered throughout Southeastern Massachusetts and a service area that includes all of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York, Valtran is the number one choice of contractors who need fencing for construction in the region.

With over a decade of experience serving clients in the northeast, Valtran has all of the portable fence, temporary office trailers and portable container storage that you will need to run your job site effectively, efficiently and securely. Give Valtran a call today and get a FREE quote on any of our services, or speak with one of our customer service agents to find out more about the products we provide to construction sites in the Fall River area.