Why Job Site Fencing in Fall River is Important for Success

rent-a-fence-fall-riverIf you are in the construction industry, chances are that you are very aware of the importance of using temporary fence rental to protect your job site while you are working. Not only is it the law in the State of Massachusetts to use a rent a fence to provide safety for passersby who may come in contact with your work site, but it is also in your best interested to take advantage of quality Fall River chain link fence rentals to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the property. Vandalism, theft and other damage that can occur after hours or on weekends can be very costly to the overall success of a construction business.

Tools, valuable materials, equipment and machinery are all very tempting to vandals and thieves. Making sure that they are protected through the use of job site fencing in Fall River is a great first step toward increasing the safety and security of your construction project. Whether you are building a skyscraper from the ground up or adding a new room onto an existing home, the idea behind using temporary fence rental is all the same. Not only is it designed to increase safety throughout the term of the project, but it will help to safeguard your tools and materials from damage caused by unauthorized access within the perimeter of the job site.

How Do Fall River Chain Link Fence Rentals Work?
One of the best ways to provide safety and security on the job site is to use a rent a fence company that can provide chain link fence. Seen at most construction sites across the country, Fall River chain link fence rentals through Valtran, can provide the best solution to all of your temporary fencing needs. Easy installation and quick delivery through our professional service crew can help you to get the rent a fence you need installed wherever and whenever you need it. Just call Valtran at 1-800-813-2188 to ask about our rent a fence services. Our crew will set up your temporary fence rental according to your specifications and then come by to remove and haul it away when you are done.

Valtran offers a variety of different sizes in high quality chain link fence panels that can be quickly and easily installed using a couple of different methods. Post hole installation and no-dig options can be considered, depending on your needs, budget and location. This allows for a greater range of semi-permanent and temporary fence rental installations, depending on your needs. No-dig Temp Fence solutions are great for use on concrete, asphalt and other areas where digging post holes would not be allowed or advisable. Post hole installation may be required by the city or area that you are working in to ensure the best possible job site fencing in Fall River for the ultimate protection.

Where Can Rent a Fence Be Used?
When it comes to using job site fencing in Fall River, construction crews and contractors are required to use it when working on residential, commercial and industrial projects. The specific parameters with regard to the height and type of fence should be examined on a case by case basis. If you aren’t sure or if you have any questions about the type of rent a fence that you will need, feel free to contact Valtran to discuss it with our customer service agents who are well versed in the requirements throughout the New England area. You can also check with the city and city code enforcement agents direct if you would like more specific information about what is needed.

In general, temporary fence rental is used to establish a perimeter of safety and security around a job site. This is done to prevent workers, non-employees and passersby from accidentally getting hurt or becoming injured on the property. Open trenches, holes, materials and heavy-duty equipment can be quite dangerous if left unsupervised. Fall River chain link fence rentals can also be used to provided additional security within the perimeter around portable office trailers and storage units, if needed. Again, speak with a representative for more information and ideas on how rent a fence can be used in your particular situation to boost safety and security.

Additional Security Measures
In addition to using our high quality job site fencing in Fall River to secure your residential, commercial or industrial project, you might want to look into adding some extra security measures. Hiring an after hours security guard or drive-by service may be in order, especially for large project sites in high crime areas. Construction sites are a natural target of vandals and thieves who know that valuable materials, tools, equipment and machinery are almost always on site. Some projects will also hire a security service to provide daytime security ID checks for workers, vendors, subcontractors and other visitors to the job site.

Adding extra features to your temporary fence rental, such as a barbed wire strip across the entire chain link fence or installing the rent a fence into the ground should also be considered. For areas where post hole digging is not an option, heavy duty barricade fencing can also be rented that can be set up without having to dig holes. Valtran has a wide variety of temporary fence rental options and solutions available for our customers. Give us a call today at 1-800-813-2188 to get a FREE estimate or to learn more about how to rent a fence right here in Fall River or anywhere in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Jersey and New York area.