Why You Should Use Business Storage Containers in Providence

business-storage-providenceMore businesses have chosen to use commercial mobile storage in recent years than any other type of storage solution available. This growth in popularity is due, largely in part, to the strength, durability, security and protection provided by portable steel storage containers. There are many other reasons why business owners choose to use portable commercial storage at their stores or offices. This article will go over the primary reasons why business storage containers in Providence have become so popular and the different ways that they can be used to your advantage.

Seasonal or Surplus Inventory
This is one of the most common reasons why portable commercial storage is used. Particularly around the holidays or during other seasonal sales, many commercial businesses need to have extra room for stock items in order to fulfill the needs of their customers. If you are to compete in the retail industry, you need to make sure that you have the products that consumers want – when they want them. This is true whether you are running a brick-and-mortar business or a web-based service. Commercial mobile storage is a great way to expand your stock room storage capabilities and make more room for products in-demand or end-of-season stock.

Convenience and Easy Access
Another reason why portable steel storage containers are being used more often than off-site storage facilities or warehouses is that on-site storage is much more convenient. Rather than spending a lot of time driving back and forth between your storage and your store, you could be spending that time marketing and selling to your customers. Plus, all the gas, truck rentals and employee hours wasted loading, unloading and transporting your products across town, just makes it an all-around waste. Business storage containers in Providence can be set up behind, next to or on the same property as your store or office to provide you with quick and convenient access to your merchandise.

Safety & Security
Another reason why many businesses are beginning to move away from self-storage facilities is safety and security. When you keep your commercial mobile storage on-site, you are the only one with access to the storage container and you are the one in charge of how it will be secured. Many storage facilities rely heavily on video monitoring or key-gate entry to provide security to their customers, but when you use portable steel storage containers on-site, you can hire security to guard your merchandise, add all the cameras and temporary fencing you need, plus keep an eye on it yourself during store hours. The strong, durable steel construction of the portable commercial storage containers is also very appealing, making it difficult for anyone to break in and steal your merchandise – they are virtually theft-proof.

Temporary Storage
When you sign up for self-storage units at an off-site facility, you are usually required to sign a contract and pay for a minimum length of time, three months, six months or a year. With business storage containers in Providence through Valtran, there is no minimum rental requirement. Rent our portable commercial storage containers for several days, a couple of weeks or a couple of months – however long you need them. Long-term leasing options are also available, as are purchasing options, should you need a more permanent solution. However, commercial mobile storage is a great way to get temporary portable storage wherever and whenever you need it. We deliver, we set it up and we take it away when you are done. No contracts required.

Temporary Office Space
Some business storage containers in Providence are used as a temporary office space. In fact, you can store all of your office items in your commercial mobile storage to make more room for inventory indoors. Our portable steel storage containers will protect your computers, file cabinets and other office equipment from theft, vandalism and the elements. In fact, Valtran also offers rentals of mobile office trailers, which can be used for commercial or construction purposes. Speak with our customer service agents for details if this is your primary purpose of renting our commercial mobile storage units.

Business Expansion
Sometimes the point of using portable steel storage containers isn’t to provide room for additional stock or inventory, but to provide room for your business as it expands. This could mean moving some items out to the portable commercial storage while you make room for more desks and workstations inside your office or store. It could also mean making adjustments to your retail areas as you change out your inventory. Whatever your needs, our commercial mobile storage containers can help you achieve your goals.

Where to Get Business Storage Containers in Providence
If you need to rent commercial mobile storage in Providence, Rhode Island or anywhere in the northeastern region, contact Valtran. We service customers throughout the northeastern region, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey and New York. Contact our customer service representatives to get a quote on renting one of our portable commercial storage containers or ask about our long-term options for leasing and purchasing. Call today to get started with Valtran!